Our IOP is the premier provider for outpatient opioid addiction treatmentin the Lexington area of Kentucky. Our professional staff in Lexington are specialists who really care about our patients! Get the help that you need today! When you are struggling with addiction to opiates, an outpatient medication-assisted therapy plan is key to early recovery from opioid addiction. Suboxone and other addiction medicines allow patients to rapidly discontinue the use of dangerous narcotics without experiencing the horrible side effects from withdrawals or detoxification.

Addiction Treatment in Kentucky!

After you schedule your initial appointment, you can fill out your new patient paperwork online or just prior to your first visit in our office. Then you will meet with one of our doctors.  After a thorough evaluation, you will be scheduled for your next follow-up appointment.Call us and schedule an initial consultation with our medical team of addiction specialists.Please call us at to schedule your first appointment.  Once you call, our friendly staff will help guide you through the recovery process.  At our Lexington facility, we are accepting new patients, and we take Medicaid and other forms of private insurance.


We utilize addiction medicine, treatment and technology.  Suboxone and other medications when needed, coupled with counseling, and technology to start community building are already a winning combination for our patients in Kentucky. This method is already a tried, tested, and proven method of recovery from opioid addiction. It can work for you too!

Addiction Rehab Center

If you are suffering from the Hell of opioid addiction, please know that there is a solution that works! You can change your live and recover from opioid use. No one can be helped until they reach out! Many individuals are changing their lives and living in recovery. Call our Suboxone clinic, the premier outpatient opioid IOP in the Lexington area of Kentucky.