With the mental health crisis on the rise so is the search for real answers. People are tired of the same answers, the false hope, the continuous failed trials of a variety of SSRIs or antidepressants. Depression and Addiction continues to affect the lives of millions. While there’s still a lot of research still needed, studies are showing promising results with Ketamine Therapy or psychedelic-assisted therapy.

SSRIs or antidepressants may take 4-6 weeks before any effects are felt by the patients, if any do at all. When one is suffering from a mental health disorder such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, they are seeking fast acting relief and sometimes may turn to other substances that can result in a substance abuse disorder or addiction.

Ketamine Therapy has been shown in recent studies to be a fast-acting antidepressant, some patients even feeling the benefits in as little as 90 minutes while others may take slightly longer. In 2000 Dennis Charney, dean of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Health System in New York, performed an extensive study on Ketamine Infusion Therapy and found that patients were feeling better within just a few hours of the treatment. Still more research needs to be done but this could be the biggest breakthrough we’ve seen in the mental health industry.

However, in severe mental health disorders, more than one session may be needed. It’s common for ketamine doctors to prescribe six treatments over a three to four week time period to have more profound effects. Depending on what ketamine clinic you choose to go to this could be rather expensive. At ketamine clinic in Lexington, KY, more patients are getting the treatment needed because they’re accepting most insurance providers including Medicaid and Medicare for Ketamine Infusion Therapy. This helps reduce additional stress and anxiety on patients that may have financial struggles.

lexington ketamine therapy doctorsIn addition to multiple treatments that may be needed, there may be some lifestyle changes that may be required of someone suffering from mental health disorders. At our Lexington Ketamine Clinic and Healing Center, they have healthcare providers and clinicians that can guide you through your healing journey and help you recognize what bad habits that you may have that’s hindering your growth and healing process. These lifestyle changes could be your peers and environment that you surround yourself with. You may need to change your diet or physical activity. If you’ve been suffering with a mental health disorder and are tired of not receiving the answers or help that you are seeking, Ketamine Infusion Therapy could be the answer for you. Reach out to our ketamine doctor in Lexington, KY today and get on the path of recovery today!