There is a lot of science that shows the relationship between addiction and behavior. One’s behavior will affect your recovery in so many ways.

Learning Cognitive Behavioral theory (CBTS) plays an essential role. Individuals who are in CBT learn to identify and correct problematic behaviors by using a variety of skills that assist in recovery from any drug substance including opioids and any problems that can cause a relapse.

CBT teaches you to challenge negative or false thoughts. CBT helps an individual see how his/her behaviors affect him/her emotionally and physically in a positive way that is more long-lasting. Knowledge is power, when we gain knowledge on the suboxone treatment options available, it will empower us to better understand our addiction and to make it our responsibility to fully recover.

AT restore health KY we understand the importance of CBT. we have therefore incorporated it as part of the services we offer other than Suboxone treatment. Through the CBT treatment approach, our clients can practice self-control and put a stop to using substances.

Opioid Treatment and Recovery


Techniques  We Use in CBT Treatment Approach

  • self-monitoring to recognize cravings
  • developing strategies for coping with cravings
  • How to avoid high-risk situations


At restore health KY our doctors will walk with you and assist you every step of the way.

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To help you in full recovery, our suboxone doctors will observe you and assist you control your emotions.

We have a team of professionals such as Yoga masters who will help you with how to manage the negative behaviors and channel the good ones to a better course.

We are committed to our course which is ensuring that our clients are getting quality life during and after treatment.

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